BREAKING NEWS: Producer and member of The Nelons, Jason Clark undergoes heart cath procedure

Producer Jason Clark, a member of The Nelons and devoted husband to Kelly Nelon Clark, underwent a heart cath procedure today in an undisclosed medical center. 

Jason was accompanied by Kelly's brother, Todd Nelon.

Jason's test began around 3pm CST and is a precautionary measure according to a social media comment made by the wife, Kelly, "He's had chest pains, so they are checking it out."

Kelly also posted, "I have the whole waiting room to myself" and shared a photo of the peaceful and very empty waiting room to her personal Facebook page.

Alongside his multiple duties with the ever-popular Nelons, Jason Clark has been busy producing vocals for the new Lynda Randle record, which is generating its own exciting buzz as its release date draws nearer.

Please pray for Jason, Kelly, and the family as they navigate this day and any news it may hold.
We send our best wishes.

UPDATE: At 6pm central time, Kelly said, "Jason is out, and everything looks good. Only one thing that might have to be addressed in the future."

Nelon went on to state that "We are so thankful for all your prayers and concerns. We have wonderful friends."