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SONG REVIEW: Southbound "Address Change Notification"

Jun 8, 2021 0 comments


Song Review of Southboud new single titled Address Change Notification

A newly-signed trio from Daywind Records called Southbound has released a terrific first single with a slightly unusual name: "Address Change Notification."

While the new song's title might strike some as odd, the lyrics and performance from Southbound are definitely not. 

Indeed, "Address Change Notification" is one of the best Southern Gospel debut singles of the 2020s.

Southern Gospel and Christian music fans will also recognize the three members of Southbound which include Clint Brown, Seth J. Elbe, and Jody Braselton.

The sound of the single evokes memories of old-school Imperials (from the "Hall of Fame" era) mixed with elements of the Hinsons and Kingsmen. That's is a high compliment. 

The theme of "Address Change Notification" is a discussion of heaven as the "much better place" promised to Believers.

Another noted gospel artist, Timothy Spell, has performed the song in the past. And his version is excellent. However, Southbound elevates the track with a bluesy sincerity and joy. 

The track slowly builds to rousing harmonies as the trio sings about "no more pain" in heaven above, where people never grow old.

The Southern Gospel market has had few major signings during the pandemic, and "Address Change Notification" proves that Daywind has a major new talent under its already enviable umbrella.

We see big things for "Address Change Notification" on Southern Gospel radio and look forward to a full album from Southbound, which has been promised to be coming soon.

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