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The Erwins Strike a Chord with Powerful New Single 'Still Telling My Story' - Song Review

May 6, 2023 0 comments
Photo of the single "Still Telling My Story" by The Erwins

The Erwins are back and better than ever with their latest release on Stowtown Records, "Still Telling My Story." This song is the perfect testament to the group's ability to provide robust and impactful Southern Gospel Music that will lift your soul.

It is a must-listen and celebrates the power of testimony, with lyrics that offer encouragement to press on in the face of life's challenges. The message of "Still Telling My Story" is especially relevant in today's uncertain times, making it all the more important.

The Erwins "Sibling" Harmonies

What really sets this song apart are The Erwins' signature sibling harmonies, which are rich, full, and full of warmth. These harmonies create a unique and captivating sound, instantly recognizable as their own. From the opening bars of the track, it's clear that this track is going to speak to the soul.

Listeners will delight in The Erwins' sound, unlike anything else in Southern Gospel music today. How the siblings' voices blend together is an absolute joy to listen to, and it's easy to get lost in the beauty of their harmonies. 

Those longtime fans of The Erwins will find plenty to love about "Still Telling My Story," while newcomers will be drawn in by the group's sheer talent and artistry. It is a fantastically impressive and uplifting single that will inspire listeners of all backgrounds. 

It's no wonder that The Erwins have been nominated for GRAMMY and Dove awards, and the group continues to be a driving force in the world of Southern Gospel Music. So if you're a fan of Southern Gospel music, you won't want to miss out on this unforgettable track that is ear candy for the soul.

Verse, Harmony, and Hope: The Sound of "Still Telling My Story"

Penned by an impressive team of songwriters, including Kevin Winebarger, Wendy Ferguson, Jeremy Rodriguez, and Riley Harrison Clark, "Still Telling My Story" was produced by Wayne Haun and co-produced by Kris Crunk, resulting in a polished sound that's sure to leave an impact on listeners.

The song's lyrics offer encouragement to press on in the face of life's trials, with lines like "So bring on the fire, bring on the rain/my testimony is not gonna change/From the valley to the mountain my God's worthy of praise/Whatever comes before me, I'm still telling my story." These words are especially timely and necessary in a world where many struggle to find hope and purpose.

Versatile and Impactful: 'Still Telling My Story' Arrives in Three Formats

One of the things that make "Still Telling My Story" stand out in the marketplace is its versatility to be used in ministry while still being a new radio favorite. It's available as a three-song digital bundle featuring the radio edit, a pop-infused arrangement, and an extended version highlighting spoken-word testimonies from friends. This single truly has something for everyone and perfectly sets the stage for The Erwins' upcoming full-length release, which is set to drop later this year.

It's clear from listening to "Still Telling My Story" that The Erwins are more passionate than ever about sharing their faith through music. "I truly don't think we've ever been more excited and ready to release new music than we are right now," says Katie Erwin Headrick. "My siblings and I are so passionate about this music. We've spent almost two years writing, praying, and narrowing down these songs, and 'Still Telling My Story' is just a taste of what's to come."

The Erwins Reveal Passion For Music and Faith Through 'Still Telling My Story'

The Erwins' music is more than just catchy hooks and earworm choruses. It's about connecting with listeners on a deeper level, and that's precisely what "Still Telling My Story" does. The song resonates in its ability to bring to life the stories of those who have gone through difficult times and come out victorious. Whether you're facing struggles of your own

The Erwins are a gospel group comprised of siblings Keith, Kody, Kris, and Katie Erwin. As children, they traveled around the country performing in countless churches and events with their father, a full-time evangelist for over four decades.

“Singing is all we know and all we want to do. It's our life and our joy to serve the Lord with the voices He has given us." The Erwins

The Erwins have also been recognized for their work within the Southern gospel community, winning the 2020 Dove Award for Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year for "The Power Of An Empty Tomb." In addition, their 2021 single, "The God I Know," became their first #1 hit, topping The Singing News Power 50 Weekly Chart.

With so many accolades under their belts, it's clear that The Erwins are a force to be reckoned with in the world of gospel music, and "Still Telling My Story" will set them up for future success. 

We can't wait to see what they have for us next because the special "story" of the Erwins is still being written.

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