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SINGLE REVIEW: Billy Walker Shines on "Come Along With Me"

Jun 8, 2021 0 comments

Billy Walker's sizzling new song "Come Along With Me" is the perfect song for Southern Gospel fans wanting to celebrate the coming summer months, church gatherings, or even post-vaccination ripping off the mask.

The song, written by his famed mother, Geneva Walker, is breezy fun that will resonate with radio.

Starting off his musical life as a talented drummer, "Come Along With Me" proves Billy Walker was right to move towards the vocal gifts that served him well as a member of The Walkers.

The vivid lyrics will resonate with churchgoers and ministry men and women who have suffered during the pandemic with lines such as: "We'll walk the streets of gold and sit beside the crystal river."

And Walker's beautiful wailing cry asking, "Won't you come and go along with me?" provides the perfect ending to a single will touch the hearts of listeners.

"Come Along With Me" comes in at the radio-friendly time of just over three minutes. It is being released by Billy Walker in conjunction with Godsey Media Management, Mansion Entertainment, and Hey Y’all Media.

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