The church should stop overlooking unmarried Christians, says Hendrix Trio member

Jun 8, 2021

Single Christian men and women are not discussed enough in the church

A talented young woman who grew up touring the South as part of a successful Southern Gospel family singing group is calling on church leaders and members to be more inclusive towards unmarried Christians.

Being 27 years old and single is unusual in Southern Gospel music and many churches. But Ranessa Hendrix of The Hendrix Trio says unmarried Christians should live their life unashamed.

Earlier this year, Ranessa Hendrix wrote one of the most powerful messages of 2021 as she carefully explained that the wider Christian community should embrace and include single men and women - who she says often feel excluded.

Her powerful message begins with the preface: "I have not posted this article for concern over how it "would be received," Hendrix "But I'm done hiding behind a bushel."

In her message posted on the Hendrix Trip blog titled "Singleness: The Good, Bad... & Sometimes Ugly Truth" (click here to read), Hendrix says married Christians seem to constantly offer somewhat unhelpful nuggets of advice to single men and women. However, she admits some of the advice is good.

Nevertheless, Hendrix and other single Christians can't help but notice that most churches speak to married men and women almost exclusively and leave out the single members among them.

"Do you ever notice how a majority of the ‘Single’ devotionals there are out there are written by married people?" Hendrix asked. Sometimes I want to SCREAM."

Ranessa Hendrix makes a point here, and it is an issue in the wider Christian community as the age of marriage keeps rising in the United States and Europe.

The 27-year-old points out that people often say that a single person should not be lonely with Jesus, and she agrees.

Without Jesus Christ, she says she would probably be in a "horrible relationship messed up and broken because I couldn’t live alone anymore."

Ranessa Hendrix also discusses a deeply personal moment in her life that is so sensitive that you should read her exact words to understand her argument fully.

That said, Hendrix should be thanked for trying to convince churches and Christian groups to understand the particular struggles of "singleness."

The passion with which this brave young woman speaks is inspiring. Please read the full article by Ranessa Hendrix by clicking here.

The Hendrix Trio is an award-winning Southern Gospel music group from Texarkana, USA. They have released 11 recordings and performed with many of the biggest names in the genre since 1992. The group's home base is the Four States Area of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

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